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Developing solutions for smart destination management

We understand that, in the era of Big Data, destinations must become smarter in their efforts to manage tourism and destination development. A practical solution is required that not only offers access to the most current and reliable data sources but also supports real-time data-driven decision making at your fingertips.

Our solution

Klevr Places is a data insights company with expertise in sustainable tourism and destination stewardship. We aggregate and integrate data into a user-friendly dashboard, designed to help destinations and organizations make smarter, data-driven decisions.


We source and collect the most reliable, timely, and complete datasets from an array of public and private data providers curated to your needs.


Through data mapping and aggregation, we offer a holistic view of tourism insights, consolidated into one easy-to-use application.


Through descriptive and advanced analytics, we help uncover the answers to your management questions.


Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to interact with and better understand your destination’s unique data story.

Meet our team

Rachel Dodds

Michelle Novotny